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March 23, 2023

Carrying on a BBQ Sauce Legacy w/ Roland Neal & Joshua DeBose of Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ Sauce

Carrying on a BBQ Sauce Legacy w/ Roland Neal & Joshua DeBose of Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ Sauce
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Kurt talks with Roland Neal (Owner) and Joshua DeBose (Manager) of Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ Sauce out of Macon, GA about how they celebrated National BBQ Day in Georgia (March 25th) and traveled to the Governor’s mansion, how they came up with the name Mrs. Griffin’s, the history of the BBQ sauce, being one of the oldest in the country, the process of making the sauce, how they got started in BBQ, working together and being a team, plans for growth and expansion over the next few years, their favorite meat to use Mrs. Griffin’s sauce on, and some words of wisdom for those looking to create a business or interested in BBQ.

“From a growth standpoint, it’s all about educating.” - Joshua DeBose

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Putting South in Your Mouth Since 1935!

Request Mrs. Griffin's Barbecue Sauce at your nearest Food Lion!

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