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March 2, 2023

Building a Butcher Shop From Scratch w/ Bobby Gay of Sweet Meat Butcher Shop

Building a Butcher Shop From Scratch w/ Bobby Gay of Sweet Meat Butcher Shop
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Kurt talks with return guest Bobby Gay (first episode with Bobby) out of Gainesville, FL about his new butcher shop, Sweet Meat Butcher Shop, opening soon in High Springs, FL which will provide different types of meats, BBQ supplies, catering, BBQ classes, and more! Bobby shares his journey from idea to opening up the butcher shop with his wife after he had a very serious injury at work in 2021, the four parts of his business, looking at five different locations before finally being able to find one that worked, teaching BBQ classes, why whole hog is his favorite thing to cook right now, and more!

“I’m kind of addicted to cooking whole hogs now.”

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